• January 2021

    Drafty Walls !
  • January 2021

    Drafty piping
  • January 2021

    Drafty ceiling
  • January 2021

    Broken ceiling fittings
  • January 2021

    Picture of old inefficient cooling system
  • August 2021

  • August 2021

    Free Air Cooling Unit
  • October 2021

    Picture of cooling room door
  • October 2021

    Picture of cooling room door
  • October 2021

    Picture of cooling room door

Eco Energy Saving

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Founded in 1980, Alconbury Recreation Field Charity is home to many sporting and community events.

Our charity faces ongoing overhead increases as electricity/gas prices raise. This together with reduced footfall is greatly impacting the charities ability to provide subsidised recreational and sporting activities for the local community.

We wish to update our community building area with modern building materials; roofing, insulation and doors plus cooling equipment for our cellar to reduce our carbon footprint. By doing so the annual electricity bill which is currently more than £6,000 a year and our heating overheads will be significantly reduced.

Reducing ongoing annual overheads will allow the charity to reduce our carbon footrpint, and enable us to plough monies received from other fundraising activities directly into provide sporting opportunites rather than the costs due to a poorly insulated building.

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We have received support from …

Brookview Glaziers, the Cambridge Community Foundation and a Magic Little Grant through the partnership between Localgiving and Postcode Places Trust.

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