• Bowlers bowling on a matt
  • Bowlers bowling on a matt
  • Bowls on a carpet

Joining our group

The bowls club welcomes anyone who would like an interactive social evening of playing bowls. If you have never tried this challenging game, the best way in is to come to a couple of sessions as a guest and try a few ends to see if you enjoy it before committing yourself. You will need to become a club member to play on a regular basis.

We have 20 members and a turnout of about 12 to 16 people every week.

What do we do?

We meet every Wednesday at ASSC in the evening and have a two and a half hour session of playing bowls. This is our ‘practice’ session although we do keep a score sheet which enhances competition and makes for a better game.

There are 5 villages with whom we play friendly ‘home and away’ matches about once a month. If a group comes to play at ‘home’ i.e. Alconbury, we provide a sumptious supper midway through the match. Likewise, when we visit them, they do the honours. There is always a raffle to look forward to at these matches which is a source of comfort if we lose the match but win most of the raffle prizes!

Our secretary also organizes a singles and doubles tournament every year which is great fun.

The New Year annual dinner is a purely social event where we have a sit down 3 course dinner with some fun activities integrated into the evening.

Contact Details

To try your hand at bowls, contact John Holme.