Tables on the field in front of the church

During the current COVID-19 restrictions the Clubhouse will be open INSIDE AND OUT on Friday 17:00 to 21:00, Saturday 14:00 to 2100 and Sunday.

Due to the guidelines to support easing, we will be serving drinks inside and out but with some limitations as to what we can provide for our members. Drinking standing at the bar or in close groups is not yet possible.

For the purpose of ‘tracing’ all attendees must register on arrival. Details will be kept for 21 days and then destroyed. This is a requirement. Drinks will not be served until attendance has been registered.

Drinks can only be served to members of the Alconbury Sports and Social Club. This is a requirement of our licence. A valid membership card needs to be shown when ordering drinks. A DAY MEMBERSHIP is available to everyone and costs £1.00. This will be added to your drinks bill on your first purchase. You will be issued with a day membership wristband which should be worn throughout the day.

You can sign up for membership of the ASSC online which will save you from having to register all your details on the day.

If you wish to join us on the Beer Garden, social distancing PODS (circles) have been drawn on the field.

POD Rules

  • People should remain in their pods unless going for drinks, food or the loo.
  • Please do not swop or move from pod to pod.
  • One family group per pod. A maximum of six others from any household may also stay inside the pod maintaining the Social Distancing guidelines.
  • Please respect others by maintaining 2 meters SD at all times.
  • Drinks will only be served to members of the pod, no buying ‘rounds of drinks’ outside POD members. This is to protect against contamination across pods.

Ordering drinks

  • Make sure you have completed an attendance form.
  • Please queue where indicated and maintain distances.
  • Drinks can be ordered in the lounge bar, inside the Clubhouse. Please show Membership card or wristband when ordering.
  • Drinks will be served on a tray in the function room. Please pay (contactless or cards only please).
  • Draught drinks will be served in plastic glasses, as usual, no glasses on the fields please.
  • Please dispose of all litter safely in the bins provided.

Indoor drinks

  • If you wish to join us inside the Clubhouse, please queue at the main Clubhouse entrance until called in. Seating is on a first come first served basis.
  • Once seated there is to be no movement to and from seats. If children wish to play outside, the whole group should leave the table in order to supervise their children.
  • One person should queue to place an order and others in the group should proceed to the tables in the function room and sit down.
  • Once you have established membership or completed the 21 day form, you may order and pay for your drinks at the Lounge bar.
  • Then follow the one-way system into the function room to collect your order on a tray.
  • Proceed to your table and relax.
  • Please keep movement inside to a minimum and ensure children are seated at all times.
  • Please do not move tables, and do not sit in groups of more than 6 people.

Food Service

  • Food will be available throughout the weekend from the food service van located on the East field. Please observe social distancing whilst queuing for food.

Playpark and Outdoor Gym

  • The Playpark and outdoor Gym are now open but please note, parents and users are responsible for taking measures to ensure their children, and their own safety by sanitising hands before and after using the equipment.
  • On returning home, people should wash their hands in hot soapy water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Please do not use the equipment if you or any member of your household is self-isolating.


  • We will be using the toilets at the front of the Club, under the clock. One in and one out please. No alfresco loos available. Disabled toilets, access via the function suite.

Bad weather

  • We are able to allow people to enter the Clubhouse, but on a first come first served basis, and in groups of no more than 6 at any table. Other measures are in place and will be explained should you wish to enter the Club House.
  • If you wish to stay outside, please make arrangements for bad weather which may include gazebo, picnic blankets, umbrellas, sheltering under trees.

General Note

The ASSC is managed by a voluntary management committee who do their best to maintain the Club a great place to relax, enjoy sports and be social.  Please follow any reasonable request from staff and volunteers.  Failure to do so may lead to sanctions being applied and or the Police being called to attend.